Why Dental Crowns Are Needed

A dental crown is needed when a tooth is badly broken down or has a large filling or is extensively decayed because a filling isn’t strong enough. At the front of the mouth, a porcelain dental crown is used that looks exactly like a natural tooth. Bonding technology allows ceramic dental crowns to be directly bonded to the underlying teeth. With this strong bond, it becomes strong enough to function under even heavy chewing pressures.

Dental Crowns Explained

Crowns provide a tried and tested means of rebuilding extensively damaged and broken down teeth caused through trauma or tooth decay. It is not always possible to restore such teeth with large fillings as they are not strong enough to withstand the bite forces and will break down within comparatively short periods of time possibly causing more damage to the underlying tooth in the process. Crowns do not have to be made from gold and modern materials used in their construction mean they are indistinguishable from nature teeth.

They are made at a dental laboratory and only the highest quality materials are used to ensure their durability. A crown can be made and fitted within two visits taking less than two weeks to complete and the appointments are not normally long or painful.