Popular Dental Treatments To Improve Your Smile



Are you unhappy with your smile? Do not fear! There is always a solution with our cosmetic dentists. Bringing over many years of experience in producing remarkable smiles, Dr. Amita and Dr. Aarti welcome an opportunity to meet with you, assess your problem areas, and help you decide on the treatments that are best suited to restore strength, beauty, and function to your smile.

Orthodontics – We offer a wide range of orthodontic systems at Winklebury Dental Practice. We will be happy to discuss the options of each system. We also take your lifestyle seriously, so your treatment options will always work for you.

Orthodontic treatment should be made a easy choice for you. With the latest technology it means you get the maximum choice.

There is more than one way to straighten your smile – and we have the experts to help you make that choice.

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer the most reliable solution. Because they are inserted directly into the jaw, implants work to prevent structural changes brought about by tooth loss. They also prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse in your facial appearance.

At Winklebury Dental Practice we have the skill and expertise and placed many dental implants over the years.

A titanium post which is embedded into the jaw bone. An abutment is placed on top of the implant and a crown is attached to this.

If you have lost a tooth through trauma, decay or have been extracted, an implant is the most preferred treatment.

Tooth Whitening – Perhaps one of the most popular cosmetic treatments as it is fast and effective.

Teeth whitening may be carried out at home using special mouth trays and a mild bleaching agent is carefully applied to the teeth. A cosmetic dentist will oversee the whitening of your smile.

There are several benefits offered by choosing a cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth, not the least of which is results. Shop-bought kits often produced uneven results, whitening some teeth more than others, sometimes with awful results.

In addition to being more effective, teeth whitening at Winklebury Dental Practice is safer!

What’s Right for You?

These three procedures can improve your smile. If you are unhappy with your smile or if functional issues are preventing you from feeling comfortable, please call 01256 354 227



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